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Stamford, Lincolnshire


Latitude: 52.6507778, Longitude: -0.4920611


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  1790Stamford, Lincolnshire I20522
2 CLOSE, Ada  1866Stamford, Lincolnshire I7921
3 CLOSE, Alfred  1863Stamford, Lincolnshire I706
4 CLOSE, Anne  1864Stamford, Lincolnshire I7920
5 CLOSE, Arthur Thomas Elfleet  1878Stamford, Lincolnshire I24959
6 CLOSE, Caroline  1850Stamford, Lincolnshire I710
7 CLOSE, Donald Ivan  19 Aug 1929Stamford, Lincolnshire I20364
8 CLOSE, Edward Robert  1876Stamford, Lincolnshire I7923
9 CLOSE, Elizabeth  25 Jan 1793Stamford, Lincolnshire I3220
10 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1820Stamford, Lincolnshire I3192
11 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1841Stamford, Lincolnshire I709
12 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1871Stamford, Lincolnshire I7922
13 CLOSE, Ellen  1860Stamford, Lincolnshire I7924
14 CLOSE, Emily  1868Stamford, Lincolnshire I7925
15 CLOSE, female  1875Stamford, Lincolnshire I24929
16 CLOSE, Harriet  1847Stamford, Lincolnshire I708
17 CLOSE, Henry  1819Stamford, Lincolnshire I3191
18 CLOSE, Henry  1822Stamford, Lincolnshire I3193
19 CLOSE, Henry  1849Stamford, Lincolnshire I7207
20 CLOSE, James Alfred  17 Jul 1861Stamford, Lincolnshire I4829
21 CLOSE, Jane  1853Stamford, Lincolnshire I712
22 CLOSE, John  Abt 1785Stamford, Lincolnshire I3187
23 CLOSE, John  1793Stamford, Lincolnshire I8482
24 CLOSE, John  1816Stamford, Lincolnshire I707
25 CLOSE, John  1816Stamford, Lincolnshire I3190
26 CLOSE, John Thomas  1844Stamford, Lincolnshire I661
27 CLOSE, Lilian Mary  1887Stamford, Lincolnshire I25089
28 CLOSE, Maria  1789Stamford, Lincolnshire I3218
29 CLOSE, Mary  1791Stamford, Lincolnshire I3214
30 CLOSE, Mary  1794Stamford, Lincolnshire I3221
31 CLOSE, Mary Ann  Abt 1810Stamford, Lincolnshire I3443
32 CLOSE, Mary Ann  1857Stamford, Lincolnshire I3207
33 CLOSE, Octavius  1812Stamford, Lincolnshire I3195
34 CLOSE, Octavius  1854Stamford, Lincolnshire I3206
35 CLOSE, Samuel  1793Stamford, Lincolnshire I3215
36 CLOSE, Samuel  1802Stamford, Lincolnshire I8117
37 CLOSE, Sarah Ellen  1857Stamford, Lincolnshire I711
38 CLOSE, Thomas  1790Stamford, Lincolnshire I3213
39 CLOSE, Thomas  1814Stamford, Lincolnshire I3189
40 CLOSE, Thomas  1844Stamford, Lincolnshire I24404
41 CLOSE, William  1786Stamford, Lincolnshire I3212
42 CLOSE, William  1791Stamford, Lincolnshire I3219
43 CLOSE, William  1808Stamford, Lincolnshire I3194
44 CLOSE, William  1841Stamford, Lincolnshire I3444
45 CLOSE, William  1862Stamford, Lincolnshire I7919
46 LANK, William  1842Stamford, Lincolnshire I713
47 LUMBY, Elizabeth  1812Stamford, Lincolnshire I3421
48 WHATMOUGH, Mary Ann  1818Stamford, Lincolnshire I3205


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Caroline  7 Jul 1850Stamford, Lincolnshire I710
2 CLOSE, Elizabeth  25 Jan 1793Stamford, Lincolnshire I3220
3 CLOSE, Elizabeth  31 Dec 1820Stamford, Lincolnshire I3192
4 CLOSE, Elizabeth  17 Oct 1841Stamford, Lincolnshire I709
5 CLOSE, Henry  19 Feb 1819Stamford, Lincolnshire I3191
6 CLOSE, Henry  1 Nov 1822Stamford, Lincolnshire I3193
7 CLOSE, John  9 Jun 1816Stamford, Lincolnshire I3190
8 CLOSE, John Thomas  18 Aug 1844Stamford, Lincolnshire I661
9 CLOSE, Maria  19 Dec 1789Stamford, Lincolnshire I3218
10 CLOSE, Mary  5 Mar 1791Stamford, Lincolnshire I3214
11 CLOSE, Mary  29 Oct 1809Stamford, Lincolnshire I3221
12 CLOSE, Mary Ann  18 Mar 1839Stamford, Lincolnshire I714
13 CLOSE, Octavius  30 Mar 1812Stamford, Lincolnshire I3195
14 CLOSE, Octavius  27 Apr 1855Stamford, Lincolnshire I3206
15 CLOSE, Thomas  6 Mar 1814Stamford, Lincolnshire I3189
16 CLOSE, William  20 May 1808Stamford, Lincolnshire I3194


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Abraham  9 Dec 1953Stamford, Lincolnshire I3401
2 CLOSE, Arthur Thomas Elfleet  1878Stamford, Lincolnshire I24959
3 CLOSE, Elizabeth  8 Apr 1822Stamford, Lincolnshire I3192
4 CLOSE, female  1875Stamford, Lincolnshire I24929
5 CLOSE, Frank  1912Stamford, Lincolnshire I5942
6 CLOSE, George Robert  14 Feb 1961Stamford, Lincolnshire I6003
7 CLOSE, Henry  8 Apr 1822Stamford, Lincolnshire I3191
8 CLOSE, Henry  7 Jan 1952Stamford, Lincolnshire I3402
9 CLOSE, James Alfred  31 Mar 1950Stamford, Lincolnshire I4829
10 CLOSE, John William  26 Mar 1923Stamford, Lincolnshire I5947
11 CLOSE, Joseph  1913Stamford, Lincolnshire I3295
12 CLOSE, Lilian Mary  1887Stamford, Lincolnshire I25089
13 CLOSE, Monica Mary Hope  9 Jul 1976Stamford, Lincolnshire I9211
14 CLOSE, Octavius  1877Stamford, Lincolnshire I3195
15 CLOSE, Octavius  1903Stamford, Lincolnshire I3206
16 CLOSE, Richard  1924Stamford, Lincolnshire I3311
17 CLOSE, Samuel  1869Stamford, Lincolnshire I3215
18 CLOSE, Thomas  1844Stamford, Lincolnshire I24404
19 CLOSE, Tom Harry  1914Stamford, Lincolnshire I3363
20 HADDON, Mary Ann  1899Stamford, Lincolnshire I3451
21 HARTLEY, Mary  1883Stamford, Lincolnshire I3285
22 MORSON, Sarah Jane  1926Stamford, Lincolnshire I12984
23 ORMEROD, Mary Jane  16 Feb 1935Stamford, Lincolnshire I4830
24 WELSH, Sarah  1915Stamford, Lincolnshire I5950


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1841Stamford, Lincolnshire I888
2 CLOSE, Ada  1871Stamford, Lincolnshire I7921
3 CLOSE, Ada  1881Stamford, Lincolnshire I7921
4 CLOSE, Anne  1871Stamford, Lincolnshire I7920
5 CLOSE, Anne  1881Stamford, Lincolnshire I7920
6 CLOSE, Arthur  1891Stamford, Lincolnshire I3397
7 CLOSE, Caroline  1851Stamford, Lincolnshire I710
8 CLOSE, Caroline  1861Stamford, Lincolnshire I710
9 CLOSE, Charles  1911Stamford, Lincolnshire I3447
10 CLOSE, Edward Robert  1881Stamford, Lincolnshire I7923
11 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1851Stamford, Lincolnshire I709
12 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1881Stamford, Lincolnshire I7922
13 CLOSE, Ellen  1861Stamford, Lincolnshire I7924
14 CLOSE, Emily  1871Stamford, Lincolnshire I7925
15 CLOSE, Geoffrey Robert  1911Stamford, Lincolnshire I5928
16 CLOSE, Harriet  1851Stamford, Lincolnshire I708
17 CLOSE, Harriet  1861Stamford, Lincolnshire I708
18 CLOSE, Henry  1841Stamford, Lincolnshire I3193
19 CLOSE, Herbert  1911Stamford, Lincolnshire I3394
20 CLOSE, James  1911Stamford, Lincolnshire I3404
21 CLOSE, Jane  1861Stamford, Lincolnshire I712
22 CLOSE, John  1841Stamford, Lincolnshire I3187
23 CLOSE, John  1841Stamford, Lincolnshire I707
24 CLOSE, John  1851Stamford, Lincolnshire I707
25 CLOSE, John  1861Stamford, Lincolnshire I707
26 CLOSE, John  1871Stamford, Lincolnshire I3436
27 CLOSE, John Thomas  1851Stamford, Lincolnshire I661
28 CLOSE, Joseph  1911Stamford, Lincolnshire I3295
29 CLOSE, Lucy  1911Stamford, Lincolnshire I3452
30 CLOSE, Mary  1911Stamford, Lincolnshire I5925
31 CLOSE, Mary Ann  1841Stamford, Lincolnshire I3443
32 CLOSE, Mary Ann  1841Stamford, Lincolnshire I714
33 CLOSE, Mary Ann  1851Stamford, Lincolnshire I714
34 CLOSE, Mary Ann  1861Stamford, Lincolnshire I3316
35 CLOSE, Mary Ann  1861Stamford, Lincolnshire I3207
36 CLOSE, Mary Ann  1871Stamford, Lincolnshire I3207
37 CLOSE, Mary Ann  1881Stamford, Lincolnshire I5952
38 CLOSE, Monica Mary Hope  1911Stamford, Lincolnshire I9211
39 CLOSE, Nora Annie  1911Stamford, Lincolnshire I9200
40 CLOSE, Octavius  1841Stamford, Lincolnshire I3195
41 CLOSE, Octavius  1851Stamford, Lincolnshire I3195
42 CLOSE, Octavius  1861Stamford, Lincolnshire I3206
43 CLOSE, Octavius  1861Stamford, Lincolnshire I3195
44 CLOSE, Octavius  1871Stamford, Lincolnshire I3206
45 CLOSE, Octavius  1871Stamford, Lincolnshire I3195
46 CLOSE, Octavius  1881Stamford, Lincolnshire I3206
47 CLOSE, Octavius  1891Stamford, Lincolnshire I3206
48 CLOSE, Octavius  1901Stamford, Lincolnshire I3206
49 CLOSE, Phyllis Mary  1911Stamford, Lincolnshire I9199
50 CLOSE, Robert  1911Stamford, Lincolnshire I5980

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Robert Henry  12 Dec 1892Stamford, Lincolnshire I3355


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CLOSE / BOTTERILL  1925Stamford, Lincolnshire F6331
2 CLOSE / CULPIN  1899Stamford, Lincolnshire F1393
3 CLOSE / HADDON  1874Stamford, Lincolnshire F770
4 CLOSE / HAIKINS  17 Jun 1860Stamford, Lincolnshire F1903
5 CLOSE / HAND  1919Stamford, Lincolnshire F5805
6 CLOSE / HERCOCK  1903Stamford, Lincolnshire F3539
7 CLOSE / HOWES  1919Stamford, Lincolnshire F5868
8 CLOSE / MANSEY  10 Sep 1782Stamford, Lincolnshire F730
9 CLOSE / MORRIS  1930Stamford, Lincolnshire F6327
10 CLOSE / OLPHIN  23 May 1803Stamford, Lincolnshire F725
11 CLOSE / WELSH  1864Stamford, Lincolnshire F1409
12 CLOSE / WESTON  23 Apr 1848Stamford, Lincolnshire F1730
13 CLOSE / WHATMOUGH  16 Oct 1836Stamford, Lincolnshire F728
14 CLOSE / WHITE  1839Stamford, Lincolnshire F149