CLOSE, CLOSS and variants
 One-name study

Bisley, Gloucestershire



Latitude: 51.7521495, Longitude: -2.1448805


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary  1844Bisley, Gloucestershire I19845
2 CLISSOLD, Joseph  1845Bisley, Gloucestershire I8407
3 CLOSE, Eliza Annie  1866Bisley, Gloucestershire I12584
4 CLOSE, Emily Eliza Ann  1877Bisley, Gloucestershire I24739
5 CLOSE, Frances Louisa  1858Bisley, Gloucestershire I12581
6 CLOSE, George Willie  1868Bisley, Gloucestershire I24737
7 CLOSE, Georgina Alice  1875Bisley, Gloucestershire I13568
8 CLOSE, Joseph William  1880Bisley, Gloucestershire I24844
9 CLOSE, Mary Jane  1864Bisley, Gloucestershire I12583
10 CLOSE, Minnie Elizabeth  1871Bisley, Gloucestershire I24738
11 CLOSE, Rose Ellen Franklin  1856Bisley, Gloucestershire I12580
12 CLOSE, Thurza Alice  1870Bisley, Gloucestershire I24843
13 DAVIS, Mary Jane  1845Bisley, Gloucestershire I12582
14 FRANKLIN, Thirza  1816Bisley, Gloucestershire I13570
15 FRANKLIN, William Alfred  1833Bisley, Gloucestershire I12578
16 GARDINER, Mary Jane  1849Bisley, Gloucestershire I4133
17 MILLS, Honor  1801Bisley, Gloucestershire I4281
18 PEARCE, Arthur  1860Bisley, Gloucestershire I12585


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, George Willie  1869Bisley, Gloucestershire I24737
2 CLOSE, Gordon Ernest  13 Jul 1963Bisley, Gloucestershire I4604
3 CLOSE, Joseph William  1880Bisley, Gloucestershire I24844
4 CLOSE, Thurza Alice  1870Bisley, Gloucestershire I24843
5 JEAKES, Sarah  1861Bisley, Gloucestershire I12579


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Albert Cyril  1911Bisley, Gloucestershire I12232
2 CLOSE, Alma Florence  1891Bisley, Gloucestershire I4712
3 CLOSE, Arthur Jack  1911Bisley, Gloucestershire I4613
4 CLOSE, Charles William  1891Bisley, Gloucestershire I4713
5 CLOSE, Eliza Annie  1871Bisley, Gloucestershire I12584
6 CLOSE, Frances Louisa  1861Bisley, Gloucestershire I12581
7 CLOSE, Frances Louisa  1871Bisley, Gloucestershire I12581
8 CLOSE, Frances Louisa  1881Bisley, Gloucestershire I12581
9 CLOSE, George William  1881Bisley, Gloucestershire I4629
10 CLOSE, Georgina Alice  1881Bisley, Gloucestershire I13568
11 CLOSE, Georgina Alice  1891Bisley, Gloucestershire I13568
12 CLOSE, Ivy Florence  1911Bisley, Gloucestershire I4611
13 CLOSE, Madeline May  1911Bisley, Gloucestershire I4612
14 CLOSE, Mary Jane  1871Bisley, Gloucestershire I12583
15 CLOSE, Mary Jane  1881Bisley, Gloucestershire I12583
16 CLOSE, Mary Jane  1891Bisley, Gloucestershire I12583
17 CLOSE, Rose Ellen Franklin  1861Bisley, Gloucestershire I12580
18 CLOSE, Rose Ellen Franklin  1871Bisley, Gloucestershire I12580
19 CLOSE, Rose Ellen Franklin  1881Bisley, Gloucestershire I12580
20 CLOSE, Walter Thomas F  1891Bisley, Gloucestershire I4710
21 DAVIS, Mary Jane  1871Bisley, Gloucestershire I12582
22 DAVIS, Mary Jane  1881Bisley, Gloucestershire I12582
23 FRANKLIN, William Alfred  1861Bisley, Gloucestershire I12578
24 FRANKLIN, William Alfred  1871Bisley, Gloucestershire I12578
25 FRANKLIN, William Alfred  1881Bisley, Gloucestershire I12578
26 JEAKES, Sarah  1861Bisley, Gloucestershire I12579
27 MOULE, Alice Florence  1911Bisley, Gloucestershire I4608
28 PEARCE, Arthur  1891Bisley, Gloucestershire I12585
29 WYNN, Alma Jane E  1891Bisley, Gloucestershire I4711


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GAY / CLOSE  24 Dec 1910Bisley, Gloucestershire F3391
2 HUGHES / CLOSE  1918Bisley, Gloucestershire F5938
3 MUTTON / CLOSE  1914Bisley, Gloucestershire F5936