CLOSE, CLOSS and variants
 One-name study

Bournemouth, Hampshire



Latitude: 50.7179985, Longitude: -1.8866652


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Cecil  15 May 1897Bournemouth, Hampshire I2485
2 CLOSE, Emma Annie  16 Aug 1892Bournemouth, Hampshire I5823
3 CLOSE, Gwendoline Dorothy  1896Bournemouth, Hampshire I2484
4 CLOSE, Henry Sidney  28 May 1890Bournemouth, Hampshire I3540
5 WRIGHT, Lavinia Louisa  8 Apr 1901Bournemouth, Hampshire I2486


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BACON, Dorothy Maud  23 Jun 1925Bournemouth, Hampshire I12801
2 BROWN, Iris R  1976Bournemouth, Hampshire I23086
3 CLOSE, Andrew Frederick  13 Nov 1905Bournemouth, Hampshire I2477
4 CLOSE, Emily Louisa  15 Jul 1870Bournemouth, Hampshire I8202
5 CLOSE, Emma Annie  1980Bournemouth, Hampshire I5823
6 CLOSE, George  May 1997Bournemouth, Hampshire I22170
7 CLOSE, James Thomas  1970Bournemouth, Hampshire I23085
8 CLOSE, Lt-Col John Baptist Granville  30 May 1879Bournemouth, Hampshire I9542
9 CLOSE, John Roy  Nov 1990Bournemouth, Hampshire I9218
10 CLOSE, Rev. John Wesley  12 Jan 1894Bournemouth, Hampshire I3896
11 CLOSE, Robert William  23 Aug 1899Bournemouth, Hampshire I6917
12 CLOSE, Samuel George  1 Sep 1968Bournemouth, Hampshire I4207
13 CLOSS, Hildred  4 Jun 1989Bournemouth, Hampshire I12902
14 GOODCHILD, Virtue Rachel  20 Feb 1929Bournemouth, Hampshire I3534
15 HODGSON, Mary Antrim  8 Apr 1899Bournemouth, Hampshire I4286
16 KLOSZ, Hubert John  17 Apr 1965Bournemouth, Hampshire I18727
17 KLOSZ, Ralph Lea L.D.S.  13 Sep 1965Bournemouth, Hampshire I10334
18 MAEER, Florence Jane  12 Aug 1975Bournemouth, Hampshire I21548
19 MAYNARD, Mary Ann  1929Bournemouth, Hampshire I6040


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ARBUTHNOT, Beatrice Bingham  1901Bournemouth, Hampshire I12281
2 BYRNES, Amy Beatrice  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I9011
3 CLOSE, Albert Ernest  1901Bournemouth, Hampshire I3537
4 CLOSE, Albert Ernest  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I3537
5 CLOSE, Alfred Hudleston Granville  1901Bournemouth, Hampshire I12280
6 CLOSE, Andrew Frederick  1901Bournemouth, Hampshire I2477
7 CLOSE, Arthur William  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I12313
8 CLOSE, Beatrice May  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I4211
9 CLOSE, Catherine Mary  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I9743
10 CLOSE, Cecil  1901Bournemouth, Hampshire I2485
11 CLOSE, Cecil  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I2485
12 CLOSE, Electra Janette Amelia  1901Bournemouth, Hampshire I2482
13 CLOSE, Electra Janette Amelia  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I2482
14 CLOSE, Elizabeth Mary  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I4210
15 CLOSE, Emma Annie  1901Bournemouth, Hampshire I5823
16 CLOSE, Emma Annie  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I5823
17 CLOSE, Gwendoline Dorothy  1901Bournemouth, Hampshire I2484
18 CLOSE, Gwendoline Dorothy  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I2484
19 CLOSE, Henry Sidney  1901Bournemouth, Hampshire I3540
20 CLOSE, Henry Sidney  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I3540
21 CLOSE, Herbert Andrew George  1901Bournemouth, Hampshire I2483
22 CLOSE, Herbert Andrew George  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I2483
23 CLOSE, Herbert Edwin Margarson  1901Bournemouth, Hampshire I3539
24 CLOSE, Jessica Kate  1901Bournemouth, Hampshire I3536
25 CLOSE, Ralph Tweed  1901Bournemouth, Hampshire I3538
26 CLOSE, Ralph Tweed  1901Bournemouth, Hampshire I3533
27 CLOSE, Ralph Tweed  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I4205
28 CLOSE, Ralph Tweed  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I3538
29 CLOSE, Robert Henry  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I4209
30 CLOSE, Thomas James  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I4212
31 CLOSE, William Samuel  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I3535
32 CLOSE, William Samuel Tweed  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I12314
33 GOODCHILD, Virtue Rachel  1901Bournemouth, Hampshire I3534
34 GOODCHILD, Virtue Rachel  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I3534
35 HOOKEY, Sarah  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I4203
36 KLOSZ, Mildred Annie  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I18758
37 PIGOTT, Eliza Mary Acton  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I9541
38 POPE, Amelia Emily  1901Bournemouth, Hampshire I2479
39 POPE, Amelia Emily  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I2479
40 SAWTELL, Ellen Elizabeth  1911Bournemouth, Hampshire I18757


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Frederick  2 Oct 1933Bournemouth, Hampshire I12328


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CLOSE / BROWN  1930Bournemouth, Hampshire F7389
2 CLOSE / HODGSON  1880Bournemouth, Hampshire F972
3 CLOSE / WRIGHT  7 Oct 1922Bournemouth, Hampshire F570
4 WADHAM / CLOSE  6 Aug 1912Bournemouth, Hampshire F573