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Burnley, Lancashire



Latitude: 53.7838304, Longitude: -2.2580361


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BERRY, Jane Alice  10 Dec 1885Burnley, Lancashire I7747
2 CLOSE, Alice  15 Dec 1903Burnley, Lancashire I13033
3 CLOSE, Bertha  1896Burnley, Lancashire I20508
4 CLOSE, Cecil  15 Mar 1902Burnley, Lancashire I13032
5 CLOSE, Elsie  1921Burnley, Lancashire I18868
6 CLOSE, Eric  28 Jul 1926Burnley, Lancashire I18892
7 CLOSE, Ethel  8 Jun 1895Burnley, Lancashire I4832
8 CLOSE, Frederick  1907Burnley, Lancashire I20513
9 CLOSE, George Henry  1896Burnley, Lancashire I12859
10 CLOSE, Harold  13 Feb 1894Burnley, Lancashire I4831
11 CLOSE, Ida  1924Burnley, Lancashire I18891
12 CLOSE, Ivy  1919Burnley, Lancashire I18867
13 CLOSE, Jack  1917Burnley, Lancashire I7753
14 CLOSE, James Holden  10 May 1931Burnley, Lancashire I21886
15 CLOSE, John William  1891Burnley, Lancashire I12857
16 CLOSE, Mary Ellen  1906Burnley, Lancashire I20512
17 CLOSE, Mary Jane  18 May 1910Burnley, Lancashire I7803
18 CLOSE, Minnie  31 Jan 1909Burnley, Lancashire I7749
19 CLOSE, Robert  1897Burnley, Lancashire I4758
20 CLOSE, Sharon  1966Burnley, Lancashire I19523
21 JACKSON, Rhoda  1879Burnley, Lancashire I7801
22 ORMEROD, Mary Jane  1866Burnley, Lancashire I4830
23 ROSTRON, Selah  15 Jul 1900Burnley, Lancashire I18890
24 SHARP, Robert  1860Burnley, Lancashire I13030


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Alice  10 Feb 1904Burnley, Lancashire I13033
2 CLOSE, Bertha  8 Jan 1896Burnley, Lancashire I20508
3 CLOSE, Cecil  3 Jun 1903Burnley, Lancashire I13032
4 CLOSE, George Henry  1896Burnley, Lancashire I12859
5 CLOSE, John William  16 Sep 1891Burnley, Lancashire I12857


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEAMER, Eleanor  1922Burnley, Lancashire I18866
2 BERRY, Jane Alice  1952Burnley, Lancashire I7747
3 CLOSE, Anthony  1931Burnley, Lancashire I288
4 CLOSE, Cecil  1920Burnley, Lancashire I13032
5 CLOSE, Christopher  1905Burnley, Lancashire I20511
6 CLOSE, Christopher  1921Burnley, Lancashire I716
7 CLOSE, Christopher Thomas  1956Burnley, Lancashire I721
8 CLOSE, Edmund Wood Lister  1872Burnley, Lancashire I13155
9 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1937Burnley, Lancashire I709
10 CLOSE, Elsie  1921Burnley, Lancashire I18868
11 CLOSE, Eric  Jul 1984Burnley, Lancashire I18892
12 CLOSE, Evelyn  Mar 1976Burnley, Lancashire I7796
13 CLOSE, Frederick  1908Burnley, Lancashire I20513
14 CLOSE, George Henry  1897Burnley, Lancashire I12859
15 CLOSE, Harold  1968Burnley, Lancashire I4831
16 CLOSE, Ida  1924Burnley, Lancashire I18891
17 CLOSE, Jack  1918Burnley, Lancashire I7753
18 CLOSE, John  Apr 1984Burnley, Lancashire I7799
19 CLOSE, John William  1892Burnley, Lancashire I12857
20 CLOSE, Mary Ellen  1907Burnley, Lancashire I20512
21 CLOSE, Minnie  May 1984Burnley, Lancashire I7749
22 CLOSE, Sharon  1966Burnley, Lancashire I19523
23 CLOSE, Thomas John  1929Burnley, Lancashire I670
24 CLOSE, Wilfred  1985Burnley, Lancashire I7748
25 HOSKINS, Flora Mabel  3 May 1952Burnley, Lancashire I18894
26 PEACOCK, Alice  1923Burnley, Lancashire I289
27 PEACOCK, Dorothy Thelma  8 Jul 2013Burnley, Lancashire I14775
28 RHODES, Lily  1982Burnley, Lancashire I22008
29 ROSTRON, Selah  1963Burnley, Lancashire I18890
30 SAVAGE, Lizzie  1989Burnley, Lancashire I12570
31 SCOTT, Lily  1951Burnley, Lancashire I13031
32 WHITE, Harriet  1906Burnley, Lancashire I663
33 YELLAND, Kathleen N  4 Mar 2014Burnley, Lancashire I19521


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1937Burnley, Lancashire I709


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BERRY, Jane Alice  1911Burnley, Lancashire I7747
2 CLOSE, Alice  1911Burnley, Lancashire I13033
3 CLOSE, Anthony  Between 1891 and 1901Burnley, Lancashire I288
4 CLOSE, Anthony  1911Burnley, Lancashire I288
5 CLOSE, Bertha  1911Burnley, Lancashire I13034
6 CLOSE, Cecil  1911Burnley, Lancashire I13032
7 CLOSE, Christopher  1901Burnley, Lancashire I716
8 CLOSE, Christopher  1911Burnley, Lancashire I716
9 CLOSE, Christopher Thomas  1901Burnley, Lancashire I721
10 CLOSE, Christopher Thomas  1911Burnley, Lancashire I721
11 CLOSE, Dinah  Between 1891 and 1901Burnley, Lancashire I291
12 CLOSE, Dinah  1911Burnley, Lancashire I291
13 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1861Burnley, Lancashire I709
14 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1901Burnley, Lancashire I709
15 CLOSE, Esther E  1901Burnley, Lancashire I719
16 CLOSE, Ethel  1911Burnley, Lancashire I4832
17 CLOSE, Frederick  1901Burnley, Lancashire I720
18 CLOSE, Frederick  1911Burnley, Lancashire I720
19 CLOSE, Harold  1911Burnley, Lancashire I4831
20 CLOSE, James Alfred  1911Burnley, Lancashire I4829
21 CLOSE, John  1901Burnley, Lancashire I5023
22 CLOSE, Lily Ann  1901Burnley, Lancashire I679
23 CLOSE, Lily Ann  1911Burnley, Lancashire I679
24 CLOSE, Margaret  Between 1891 and 1901Burnley, Lancashire I290
25 CLOSE, Margaret  1901Burnley, Lancashire I724
26 CLOSE, Margaret  1911Burnley, Lancashire I724
27 CLOSE, Margaret  1911Burnley, Lancashire I290
28 CLOSE, Martha  1901Burnley, Lancashire I36
29 CLOSE, Mary Ann  1901Burnley, Lancashire I718
30 CLOSE, Mary Ann  1911Burnley, Lancashire I718
31 CLOSE, Mary Jane  1911Burnley, Lancashire I7803
32 CLOSE, Minnie  1911Burnley, Lancashire I7749
33 CLOSE, Robert  1901Burnley, Lancashire I4758
34 CLOSE, Robert  1911Burnley, Lancashire I4758
35 CLOSE, Sarah Helen  1901Burnley, Lancashire I7394
36 CLOSE, Thomas John  1901Burnley, Lancashire I670
37 CLOSE, Thomas John  1911Burnley, Lancashire I670
38 CLOSE, Wilfred  1911Burnley, Lancashire I7748
39 CLOSE, William  1891Burnley, Lancashire I588
40 CLOSE, William  1901Burnley, Lancashire I588
41 DODSLEY, Charles E  1901Burnley, Lancashire I19779
42 JACKSON, Rhoda  1911Burnley, Lancashire I7801
43 JORDAN, Caroline Elizabeth  1891Burnley, Lancashire I715
44 JORDAN, Caroline Elizabeth  1901Burnley, Lancashire I715
45 MCCALLUM, Jane  1901Burnley, Lancashire I7389
46 ORMEROD, Mary Jane  1911Burnley, Lancashire I4830
47 PEACOCK, Alice  Between 1891 and 1901Burnley, Lancashire I289
48 PEACOCK, Alice  1911Burnley, Lancashire I289
49 SCOTT, Lily  1911Burnley, Lancashire I13031
50 SHARP, Robert  1911Burnley, Lancashire I13030

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BERESFORD / CLOSE  1942Burnley, Lancashire F6905
2 BRETT / CLOSE  1926Burnley, Lancashire F6856
3 CLOSE / BEAMER  1918Burnley, Lancashire F5758
4 CLOSE / COOPER  1907Burnley, Lancashire F3197
5 CLOSE / HOSKINS  1951Burnley, Lancashire F5772
6 CLOSE / JACKSON  18 Oct 1902Burnley, Lancashire F1879
7 CLOSE / JORDAN  21 Jun 1890Burnley, Lancashire F151
8 CLOSE / OLDHAM  1890Burnley, Lancashire F1876
9 CLOSE / ORMEROD  1892Burnley, Lancashire F1135
10 CLOSE / PICKLES  1898Burnley, Lancashire F1132
11 CLOSE / RHODES  1937Burnley, Lancashire F6940
12 CLOSE / ROSTRON  1923Burnley, Lancashire F5771
13 CLOSE / SCOTT  25 May 1901Burnley, Lancashire F3551
14 CLOSE / YELLAND  1953Burnley, Lancashire F6043
15 DEVINE / CLOSE  1956Burnley, Lancashire F6892
16 GLOVER / CLOSE  1901Burnley, Lancashire F8370
17 GOODWIN / CLOSE  1890Burnley, Lancashire F6356
18 SHARP / CLOSE  29 Aug 1906Burnley, Lancashire F1120