CLOSE, CLOSS and variants
 One-name study

Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire



Latitude: 53.8197860, Longitude: -1.7417430


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann Lavinia  1864Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6647
2 Mary  1781Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I1230
3 CLOSE, Ada  1906Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I12134
4 CLOSE, Agnes  20 Aug 1880Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6785
5 CLOSE, Ann  28 Sep 1844Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I980
6 CLOSE, Anne Ellen  1874Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7410
7 CLOSE, Annie  23 Jan 1883Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6786
8 CLOSE, Charles  1822Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I1232
9 CLOSE, Charles  1869Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7308
10 CLOSE, Charles Edward  3 Jul 1905Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I13073
11 CLOSE, Clarice  10 Apr 1887Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6788
12 CLOSE, Edward  4 Oct 1908Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I12135
13 CLOSE, Eliza  1867Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7307
14 CLOSE, Elizabeth  2 Sep 1850Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I982
15 CLOSE, Emily  30 May 1878Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6784
16 CLOSE, Hannah Maria  1874Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7309
17 CLOSE, Harold  25 Feb 1903Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I12133
18 CLOSE, James  1810Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I987
19 CLOSE, James  1815Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I975
20 CLOSE, James  25 Dec 1854Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I983
21 CLOSE, James  17 Oct 1878Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7310
22 CLOSE, John  1791Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I10982
23 CLOSE, John  1838Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I977
24 CLOSE, John  1872Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7409
25 CLOSE, John Smith  1853Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I1229
26 CLOSE, Joseph  1804Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I10977
27 CLOSE, Lois  18 Sep 1884Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6787
28 CLOSE, Margaret  1901Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I12132
29 CLOSE, Mary Ann  6 Jan 1874Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6782
30 CLOSE, Mary Elizabeth  1901Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I13072
31 CLOSE, Mary Hannah  19 Nov 1848Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I981
32 CLOSE, Mephibosheth  1842Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7303
33 CLOSE, Myra  16 Jul 1889Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6789
34 CLOSE, Nancy  26 May 1857Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I984
35 CLOSE, Sarah Elizabeth  3 Feb 1876Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6783
36 CLOSE, Sarah Jane  9 Jul 1859Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I985
37 CLOSE, Thomas Butler  1867Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I4023
38 CLOSE, William  1823Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I1227
39 CLOSE, William  1868Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6646
40 CLOSE, William Newton  3 May 1892Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6790
41 DARNBOROUGH, Fred  1894Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6650
42 SMITH, Sarah  1824Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I1228
43 SUMMERFIELD, Albert  1867Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7312


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Agnes  2 Aug 1885Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6785
2 CLOSE, Ann  7 Feb 1858Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I980
3 CLOSE, Annie  2 Aug 1885Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6786
4 CLOSE, Charles  16 Mar 1892Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7382
5 CLOSE, Charles Edward  6 Aug 1905Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I13073
6 CLOSE, Clarice  5 Jun 1892Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6788
7 CLOSE, Elizabeth  7 Feb 1858Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I982
8 CLOSE, Emily  2 Aug 1885Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6784
9 CLOSE, Ethel  2 Sep 1888Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I4009
10 CLOSE, Herbert  1 Feb 1885Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I4008
11 CLOSE, James  7 Feb 1858Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I983
12 CLOSE, Lois  2 Aug 1885Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6787
13 CLOSE, Mary Ann  2 Aug 1885Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6782
14 CLOSE, Mary Eliza  1 Dec 1895Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7384
15 CLOSE, Mary Elizabeth  6 Oct 1901Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I13072
16 CLOSE, Mary Hannah  7 Feb 1858Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I981
17 CLOSE, Myra  5 Jun 1892Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6789
18 CLOSE, Nancy  7 Feb 1858Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I984
19 CLOSE, Sarah  1 Oct 1893Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7313
20 CLOSE, Sarah Elizabeth  2 Aug 1885Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6783
21 CLOSE, Sarah Jane  6 Nov 1859Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I985
22 CLOSE, Walter  6 Dec 1896Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7314
23 CLOSE, William Newton  5 Jun 1892Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6790


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, John Smith  24 Sep 1920Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I1229
2 NEWTON, Sarah  13 Feb 1933Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6781


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, John  30 Sep 1908Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I977


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Mary  1861Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I1230
2 AMBLER, Ellen  1861Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I986
3 AMBLER, Ellen  1861Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I986
4 CLOSE, Ada  1911Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I12134
5 CLOSE, Agnes  1881Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6785
6 CLOSE, Agnes  Between 1891 and 1901Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6785
7 CLOSE, Agnes  1911Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6785
8 CLOSE, Ann  1851Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I980
9 CLOSE, Ann  1861Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I980
10 CLOSE, Anne Ellen  1881Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7410
11 CLOSE, Anne Ellen  1891Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7410
12 CLOSE, Anne Ellen  1901Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7410
13 CLOSE, Annie  Between 1891 and 1901Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6786
14 CLOSE, Annie  1911Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6786
15 CLOSE, Charles  1841Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I1232
16 CLOSE, Charles  1871Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7308
17 CLOSE, Charles  1881Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7308
18 CLOSE, Charles  1911Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7382
19 CLOSE, Charles Edward  1911Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I13073
20 CLOSE, Clarice  Between 1891 and 1901Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6788
21 CLOSE, Clarice  1911Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6788
22 CLOSE, Doris  1911Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7385
23 CLOSE, Edward  1911Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I12135
24 CLOSE, Eliza  1871Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7307
25 CLOSE, Eliza  1881Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7307
26 CLOSE, Eliza  1891Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7307
27 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1851Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I982
28 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1861Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I982
29 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1871Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I982
30 CLOSE, Emily  1881Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6784
31 CLOSE, Emily  Between 1891 and 1901Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6784
32 CLOSE, Emily  1911Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I6784
33 CLOSE, Ethel  1911Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I4009
34 CLOSE, Fred  1881Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7304
35 CLOSE, Fred  1891Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7304
36 CLOSE, Hannah Maria  1881Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7309
37 CLOSE, Hannah Maria  1891Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7309
38 CLOSE, Harold  1911Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I12133
39 CLOSE, Herbert  1911Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I4008
40 CLOSE, James  1841Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I987
41 CLOSE, James  1841Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I975
42 CLOSE, James  1851Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I975
43 CLOSE, James  1861Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I975
44 CLOSE, James  1861Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I983
45 CLOSE, James  1871Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I975
46 CLOSE, James  1871Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I983
47 CLOSE, James  1881Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7310
48 CLOSE, James  1881Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I983
49 CLOSE, James  1881Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I975
50 CLOSE, James  1891Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire I7310

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ARTIST / CLOSE  1 Jul 1916Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire F2918
2 CLOSE / LIVESEY  1 May 1909Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire F2159
3 CLOSE / PEDLEY  7 May 1887Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire F2495
4 HILL / CLOSE  29 Oct 1881Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire F2876
5 JAGGER / CLOSE  31 Jan 1920Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire F2929
6 LIGHTFOOT / CLOSE  3 Sep 1892Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire F2874
7 PENNEY / CLOSE  6 Apr 1912Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire F2923
8 WILLEY / CLOSE  6 Sep 1913Eccleshill, Bradford, Yorkshire F2920