CLOSE, CLOSS and variants
 One-name study

Edmonton, Middlesex



Latitude: 51.6106304, Longitude: -0.0790049


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Alan Rodney B  15 Jun 1914Edmonton, Middlesex I11442
2 CLOSE, Alice Sarah  1865Edmonton, Middlesex I9993
3 CLOSE, Annie Williamette  10 Feb 1870Edmonton, Middlesex I9995
4 CLOSE, Arthur W  1925Edmonton, Middlesex I11140
5 CLOSE, Caroline Margaret  1872Edmonton, Middlesex I24461
6 CLOSE, Elsie Winifred  29 Sep 1912Edmonton, Middlesex I8856
7 CLOSE, Emily Louisa  1862Edmonton, Middlesex I9991
8 CLOSE, Ernest Charles  7 Jan 1915Edmonton, Middlesex I18410
9 CLOSE, Florence Cranfield  1874Edmonton, Middlesex I24462
10 CLOSE, Harry Thomas  26 Jun 1916Edmonton, Middlesex I8864
11 CLOSE, Mary Ellen  1867Edmonton, Middlesex I9994
12 CLOSE, Mary Godfrey  1905Edmonton, Middlesex I17310
13 CLOSE, Richard Inge  1 Aug 1863Edmonton, Middlesex I9992
14 CLOSE, Roy Edwin CBE  1920Edmonton, Middlesex I11436
15 CLOSE, Stephen William  25 Feb 1875Edmonton, Middlesex I8857
16 CLOSE, Theresa Elizabeth  25 Feb 1875Edmonton, Middlesex I24463
17 CLOSE, Walter Louis James  18 Jul 1877Edmonton, Middlesex I8852
18 KLOSZ, Gerald Wulstan  1896Edmonton, Middlesex I24483
19 KLOSZ, Ralph Lea L.D.S.  1891Edmonton, Middlesex I10334


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLCOCK, Sarah  1888Edmonton, Middlesex I18776
2 CLOSE, Annie Williamette  1952Edmonton, Middlesex I9995
3 CLOSE, Caroline Margaret  1873Edmonton, Middlesex I24461
4 CLOSE, Eliezer Richard  1898Edmonton, Middlesex I2831
5 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1964Edmonton, Middlesex I2139
6 CLOSE, Florence Cranfield  1874Edmonton, Middlesex I24462
7 CLOSE, Richard Inge  1949Edmonton, Middlesex I9992
8 CLOSE, Stephen William  8 Oct 1951Edmonton, Middlesex I8857
9 CLOSE, Theresa Elizabeth  1875Edmonton, Middlesex I24463
10 DARGUE, Rev Thomas  1936Edmonton, Middlesex I2140
11 HODGES, Mary Jane  1929Edmonton, Middlesex I8018
12 INGE, Mary Ann  1914Edmonton, Middlesex I9990


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Alice Sarah  1871Edmonton, Middlesex I9993
2 CLOSE, Annie Williamette  1871Edmonton, Middlesex I9995
3 CLOSE, Annie Williamette  1881Edmonton, Middlesex I9995
4 CLOSE, Eliezer Richard  1871Edmonton, Middlesex I2831
5 CLOSE, Eliezer Richard  1881Edmonton, Middlesex I2831
6 CLOSE, Emily Louisa  1871Edmonton, Middlesex I9991
7 CLOSE, Emily Louisa  1881Edmonton, Middlesex I9991
8 CLOSE, Mary Ellen  1871Edmonton, Middlesex I9994
9 CLOSE, Mary Ellen  1881Edmonton, Middlesex I9994
10 CLOSE, Richard Inge  1871Edmonton, Middlesex I9992
11 CLOSE, Richard Inge  1881Edmonton, Middlesex I9992
12 CLOSE, Stephen William  1881Edmonton, Middlesex I8857
13 CLOSE, Stephen Wilson  1871Edmonton, Middlesex I6580
14 CLOSE, Walter Louis James  1881Edmonton, Middlesex I8852
15 CLOSS, Joseph  1881Edmonton, Middlesex I9894
16 CLOSS, Joseph  1881Edmonton, Middlesex I12900
17 COOK, Martha  1881Edmonton, Middlesex I10878
18 INGE, Mary Ann  1871Edmonton, Middlesex I9990
19 INGE, Mary Ann  1881Edmonton, Middlesex I9990


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CHAMP / CLOSE  1894Edmonton, Middlesex F1932
2 CLOSE / BANKS  1906Edmonton, Middlesex F2153
3 CLOSE / BANKS  1907Edmonton, Middlesex F3299
4 CLOSE / BELLAMY  1927Edmonton, Middlesex F5817
5 CLOSE / GOBLE  1923Edmonton, Middlesex F5968
6 CLOSE / PASSAWAY  1931Edmonton, Middlesex F5996
7 CLOSE / PITT  1924Edmonton, Middlesex F2940
8 CLOSE / RANFORD  1900Edmonton, Middlesex F2154
9 CLOSE / SOMERSET  1929Edmonton, Middlesex F5733
10 ELMES / CLOSE  1887Edmonton, Middlesex F3298
11 GOSSET / CLOSE  1915Edmonton, Middlesex F1432
12 JOLLASSE / KLOSZ  1889Edmonton, Middlesex F6318
13 POWELL / PRICE  1938Edmonton, Middlesex F7493