CLOSE, CLOSS and variants
 One-name study

Leigh, Lancashire



Latitude: 53.4952875, Longitude: -2.5276393


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Adam Gerrard  1914Leigh, Lancashire I20566
2 CLOSE, Betty  1890Leigh, Lancashire I1535
3 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1902Leigh, Lancashire I20562
4 CLOSE, Ena  13 Jan 1910Leigh, Lancashire I1541
5 CLOSE, Hezekiah  13 Jan 1885Leigh, Lancashire I1519
6 CLOSE, Ivy  21 Sep 1914Leigh, Lancashire I1540
7 CLOSE, James Porteous  1877Leigh, Lancashire I1538
8 CLOSE, Jessie  1904Leigh, Lancashire I7892
9 CLOSE, John  1873Leigh, Lancashire I1394
10 CLOSE, John  1907Leigh, Lancashire I20564
11 CLOSE, Lily  1905Leigh, Lancashire I20563
12 CLOSE, Mabel  1914Leigh, Lancashire I7894
13 CLOSE, Mary Ellen  1871Leigh, Lancashire I1393
14 CLOSE, Thomas  1906Leigh, Lancashire I20568
15 CLOSE, William  1906Leigh, Lancashire I20569
16 MARKLAND, Elizabeth  1895Leigh, Lancashire I7897
17 SHUTTLEWORTH, Louisa  19 Nov 1884Leigh, Lancashire I1539


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BATTERSBY, Annie  7 Apr 2001Leigh, Lancashire I21772
2 CAMPBELL, Lily  1982Leigh, Lancashire I1688
3 CLOSE, Adam Gerrard  1916Leigh, Lancashire I20566
4 CLOSE, Alfred  28 Jul 1962Leigh, Lancashire I7716
5 CLOSE, Betty  Abt 15 Apr 1891Leigh, Lancashire I1535
6 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1907Leigh, Lancashire I20562
7 CLOSE, George  1946Leigh, Lancashire I1522
8 CLOSE, George Henry  1940Leigh, Lancashire I7895
9 CLOSE, Hezekiah  20 Jun 1950Leigh, Lancashire I1519
10 CLOSE, James Porteous  1878Leigh, Lancashire I1538
11 CLOSE, John  1907Leigh, Lancashire I20564
12 CLOSE, John  Jul 1961Leigh, Lancashire I1509
13 CLOSE, Lily  1907Leigh, Lancashire I20563
14 CLOSE, Mabel  1914Leigh, Lancashire I7894
15 CLOSE, Margaret  1938Leigh, Lancashire I1403
16 CLOSE, Melchizedek  13 Jan 1908Leigh, Lancashire I1400
17 CLOSE, Percy  1975Leigh, Lancashire I1820
18 CLOSE, Ralph  1919Leigh, Lancashire I274
19 CLOSE, Thomas  1906Leigh, Lancashire I20568
20 CLOSE, William  1906Leigh, Lancashire I20569
21 CLOSE, William  1936Leigh, Lancashire I7889
22 DANDY, Jane  1945Leigh, Lancashire I7890
23 LILES, Clara  1954Leigh, Lancashire I21811
24 PARKINSON, Mary Ellen  Oct 1974Leigh, Lancashire I10002
25 POMFRET, Margaret  30 Jun 1976Leigh, Lancashire I2402
26 PORTEOUS, Janet (Jennet) Jamesy  21 Jan 1921Leigh, Lancashire I1401


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Daisy Baxter  1911Leigh, Lancashire I7891
2 CLOSE, Ena  1911Leigh, Lancashire I1541
3 CLOSE, George Henry  1901Leigh, Lancashire I7895
4 CLOSE, George Henry  1911Leigh, Lancashire I7895
5 CLOSE, Hezekiah  1911Leigh, Lancashire I1519
6 CLOSE, James  1911Leigh, Lancashire I1935
7 CLOSE, Jessie  1911Leigh, Lancashire I7892
8 CLOSE, Margaret  1911Leigh, Lancashire I1403
9 CLOSE, Melchizedek  1901Leigh, Lancashire I1400
10 CLOSE, William  1911Leigh, Lancashire I7889
11 DANDY, Jane  1911Leigh, Lancashire I7890
12 GERRARD, Margaret Jane  1901Leigh, Lancashire I7896
13 GERRARD, Margaret Jane  1911Leigh, Lancashire I7896
14 MARKLAND, Elizabeth  1901Leigh, Lancashire I7897
15 MARKLAND, Elizabeth  1911Leigh, Lancashire I7897
16 MARKLAND, Richard  1901Leigh, Lancashire I11226
17 PORTEOUS, Janet (Jennet) Jamesy  1911Leigh, Lancashire I1401
18 SHUTTLEWORTH, Louisa  1911Leigh, Lancashire I1539


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ASHWORTH / CLOSE  1933Leigh, Lancashire F6836
2 BIRCHALL / CLOSE  1902Leigh, Lancashire F735
3 CLOSE / BATTERSBY  1933Leigh, Lancashire F6817
4 CLOSE / MORRIS  1890Leigh, Lancashire F396
5 CLOSE / POMFRET  1946Leigh, Lancashire F537
6 CLOSE / PORTEOUS  9 Jul 1870Leigh, Lancashire F303
7 CLOSE / SHUTTLEWORTH  4 Oct 1909Leigh, Lancashire F327
8 TAYLOR / CLOSE  1904Leigh, Lancashire F6378