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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Emma  12 Jul 1889Principal Probate Registry I9636
2 Louisa  18 Apr 1891Principal Probate Registry I9652
3 ADAMS, Mary  20 Feb 1882Principal Probate Registry I9013
4 BIRLEY, Jane Helen  8 Apr 1886Principal Probate Registry I9617
5 CLOSE, Albin  10 May 1863Principal Probate Registry I9461
6 CLOSE, Ann Eliza  4 Nov 1884Principal Probate Registry I9613
7 CLOSE, Barry Maxwell  1870Principal Probate Registry I8200
8 CLOSE, Barry Maxwell  1873Principal Probate Registry I8200
9 CLOSE, Capt. Charles Alexander Granville  13 Jan 1883Principal Probate Registry I4292
10 CLOSE, Charles Samuel  6 Nov 1868Principal Probate Registry I9446
11 CLOSE, Edith Letitia  21 Feb 1884Principal Probate Registry I3022
12 CLOSE, Edward Harry  7 Jun 1883Principal Probate Registry I6039
13 CLOSE, Elizabeth  2 Aug 1860Principal Probate Registry I12836
14 CLOSE, Emily Louisa  1870Principal Probate Registry I8202
15 CLOSE, Very Rev. Francis DD  13 Jan 1883Principal Probate Registry I3031
16 CLOSE, Francis Archibald  13 Jan 1883Principal Probate Registry I4293
17 CLOSE, Admiral Francis Arden  6 Nov 1868Principal Probate Registry I4289
18 CLOSE, Admiral Francis Arden  13 Jan 1883Principal Probate Registry I4289
19 CLOSE, Major-General Frederick  10 Jan 1867Principal Probate Registry I3012
20 CLOSE, Major-General Frederick  21 Feb 1884Principal Probate Registry I3012
21 CLOSE, Frederick  12 Jul 1889Principal Probate Registry I9635
22 CLOSE, Lt Col Frederick Alfred  7 Jun 1883Principal Probate Registry I6035
23 CLOSE, Lt Col Frederick Alfred  29 May 1884Principal Probate Registry I6035
24 CLOSE, Lt Col Frederick Alfred  4 Nov 1884Principal Probate Registry I6035
25 CLOSE, Lt Col Frederick Alfred  26 Jun 1891Principal Probate Registry I6035
26 CLOSE, George  19 May 1875Principal Probate Registry I6589
27 CLOSE, George  31 May 1881Principal Probate Registry I6589
28 CLOSE, George Wharton  18 Apr 1891Principal Probate Registry I3800
29 CLOSE, Henry  21 Aug 1867Principal Probate Registry I10952
30 CLOSE, Henry Gaskell  22 Mar 1866Principal Probate Registry I683
31 CLOSE, Henry Wilson  19 May 1875Principal Probate Registry I6592
32 CLOSE, Honest John  28 Oct 1890Principal Probate Registry I8525
33 CLOSE, Isabella Ann  19 Mar 1888Principal Probate Registry I6455
34 CLOSE, James  22 Mar 1866Principal Probate Registry I9438
35 CLOSE, James  19 May 1875Principal Probate Registry I6591
36 CLOSE, James  31 May 1881Principal Probate Registry I6591
37 CLOSE, John Benjamin  19 Mar 1888Principal Probate Registry I6454
38 CLOSE, John Douglas  21 Oct 1867Principal Probate Registry I3933
39 CLOSE, John Francis  2 Mar 1858Principal Probate Registry I9898
40 CLOSE, Capt Mark Currie  31 Mar 1880Principal Probate Registry I9597
41 CLOSE, Capt Mark Currie  29 May 1884Principal Probate Registry I9597
42 CLOSE, Mary  9 Apr 1885Principal Probate Registry I1216
43 CLOSE, Mary Ann  2 Aug 1860Principal Probate Registry I12838
44 CLOSE, Mary Beatrice  21 Feb 1884Principal Probate Registry I3021
45 CLOSE, Robert  24 Nov 1882Principal Probate Registry I3325
46 CLOSE, Rev Robert William  21 Oct 1867Principal Probate Registry I6095
47 CLOSE, Samuel John  5 Nov 1887Principal Probate Registry I4143
48 CLOSE, Capt. Vere Henry  1870Principal Probate Registry I9381
49 CLOSE, Capt. Vere Henry  1873Principal Probate Registry I9381
50 CLOSE, Capt. Vere Henry  4 Jan 1875Principal Probate Registry I9381

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