CLOSE, CLOSS and variants
 One-name study

Salford, Lancashire



Latitude: 53.4871194, Longitude: -2.2863769


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Annie  1894Salford, Lancashire I4810
2 CLOSE, Arthur James  8 Jul 1890Salford, Lancashire I813
3 CLOSE, Charlotte Ann  25 Dec 1885Salford, Lancashire I811
4 CLOSE, David  1911Salford, Lancashire I12864
5 CLOSE, David William  20 May 1888Salford, Lancashire I812
6 CLOSE, Emily  1897Salford, Lancashire I4811
7 CLOSE, Emily  1903Salford, Lancashire I11492
8 CLOSE, Ethel  1906Salford, Lancashire I7786
9 CLOSE, Harold  26 Mar 1892Salford, Lancashire I4754
10 CLOSE, James  5 Dec 1885Salford, Lancashire I11231
11 CLOSE, John  19 May 1938Salford, Lancashire I18182
12 CLOSE, John Thomas  1864Salford, Lancashire I24447
13 CLOSE, Kenneth  1940Salford, Lancashire I18183
14 CLOSE, Lena  16 Jul 1894Salford, Lancashire I4755
15 CLOSE, Leslie  18 Aug 1936Salford, Lancashire I18181
16 CLOSE, Lily Ann  1878Salford, Lancashire I320
17 CLOSE, Margaret Jane  1878Salford, Lancashire I24966
18 CLOSE, Martha  5 Dec 1892Salford, Lancashire I18184
19 CLOSE, Mary  1862Salford, Lancashire I627
20 CLOSE, Mary Elizabeth  25 Sep 1883Salford, Lancashire I810
21 CLOSE, William  1815Salford, Lancashire I9411
22 CLOSE, William  1917Salford, Lancashire I12866
23 CLOSE, William John  1866Salford, Lancashire I628
24 HAMPSON, Charlotte Ann  1858Salford, Lancashire I319
25 SHEPPARD, John  1890Salford, Lancashire I817
26 SHEPPARD, John Shaw  1859Salford, Lancashire I814
27 SHEPPARD, Mary E  1886Salford, Lancashire I815
28 SHEPPARD, William A  1887Salford, Lancashire I816


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Arthur James  8 Aug 1890Salford, Lancashire I813
2 CLOSE, Charlotte Ann  24 Feb 1886Salford, Lancashire I811
3 CLOSE, David William  22 Jun 1888Salford, Lancashire I812
4 CLOSE, James  13 Jan 1886Salford, Lancashire I11231
5 CLOSE, Martha  23 Dec 1892Salford, Lancashire I18184
6 CLOSE, Mary Elizabeth  12 Oct 1883Salford, Lancashire I810


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Adeline  1893Salford, Lancashire I321
2 CLOSE, Alan  May 1985Salford, Lancashire I7684
3 CLOSE, Arthur James  1896Salford, Lancashire I813
4 CLOSE, Clifford  1981Salford, Lancashire I1373
5 CLOSE, David  1911Salford, Lancashire I12864
6 CLOSE, David William  1896Salford, Lancashire I318
7 CLOSE, Edwin  1 Jan 1921Salford, Lancashire I1942
8 CLOSE, James  1889Salford, Lancashire I650
9 CLOSE, James Butler  Aug 1944Salford, Lancashire I18195
10 CLOSE, John  1942Salford, Lancashire I18182
11 CLOSE, John Thomas  1864Salford, Lancashire I24447
12 CLOSE, Kenneth  1941Salford, Lancashire I18183
13 CLOSE, Leslie  May 1996Salford, Lancashire I18181
14 CLOSE, Margaret Jane  1878Salford, Lancashire I24966
15 CLOSE, Martha  1893Salford, Lancashire I18184
16 CLOSE, Sarah Jane  1864Salford, Lancashire I24443
17 CLOSE, Thomas  1905Salford, Lancashire I966
18 CLOSE, William  1917Salford, Lancashire I12866
19 CLOSE, William John  1935Salford, Lancashire I628
20 PARKINSON, Emily  1913Salford, Lancashire I12593


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1871Salford, Lancashire I630
2 ?CLOSE, Elizabeth  1841Salford, Lancashire I269
3 BEERS, Mary  1871Salford, Lancashire I631
4 CLOSE, Adeline  1891Salford, Lancashire I321
5 CLOSE, Alice Rose  1911Salford, Lancashire I11494
6 CLOSE, Annie  1911Salford, Lancashire I4810
7 CLOSE, Arthur James  1891Salford, Lancashire I813
8 CLOSE, Arthur John  1911Salford, Lancashire I49
9 CLOSE, Charlotte Ann  1891Salford, Lancashire I811
10 CLOSE, Charlotte Ann  1911Salford, Lancashire I811
11 CLOSE, David William  1871Salford, Lancashire I318
12 CLOSE, David William  1891Salford, Lancashire I812
13 CLOSE, David William  1891Salford, Lancashire I318
14 CLOSE, David William  1911Salford, Lancashire I812
15 CLOSE, Dora  1881Salford, Lancashire I407
16 CLOSE, Elizabeth Ann  1871Salford, Lancashire I625
17 CLOSE, Emily  1911Salford, Lancashire I4811
18 CLOSE, Emily  1911Salford, Lancashire I11492
19 CLOSE, Herbert Close  1911Salford, Lancashire I11493
20 CLOSE, James  1881Salford, Lancashire I650
21 CLOSE, James  1881Salford, Lancashire I473
22 CLOSE, James  1901Salford, Lancashire I11231
23 CLOSE, James  1911Salford, Lancashire I11231
24 CLOSE, Jessie  1871Salford, Lancashire I633
25 CLOSE, Jessie  1881Salford, Lancashire I633
26 CLOSE, John  1881Salford, Lancashire I544
27 CLOSE, John  1901Salford, Lancashire I1785
28 CLOSE, John  1911Salford, Lancashire I1785
29 CLOSE, Lily Ann  1891Salford, Lancashire I320
30 CLOSE, Mary  1871Salford, Lancashire I627
31 CLOSE, Mary Elizabeth  1891Salford, Lancashire I810
32 CLOSE, Thomas  1871Salford, Lancashire I623
33 CLOSE, Thomas  1901Salford, Lancashire I966
34 CLOSE, William John  1871Salford, Lancashire I628
35 DALTON, Elizabeth  1881Salford, Lancashire I545
36 HAMPSON, Charlotte Ann  1891Salford, Lancashire I319
37 HAMPSON, Charlotte Ann  1911Salford, Lancashire I319
38 ISHERWOOD, Mary  1881Salford, Lancashire I474
39 PARKINSON, Emily  1901Salford, Lancashire I12593
40 PARKINSON, Emily  1911Salford, Lancashire I12593
41 SCOTT, Mary  1881Salford, Lancashire I651
42 SCOTT, Mary  1901Salford, Lancashire I11229
43 SCOTT, Mary  1911Salford, Lancashire I11229
44 SHIELDS, Rose  1911Salford, Lancashire I11491
45 STEVENSON, Ann  1871Salford, Lancashire I624
46 THORP, Mary  1881Salford, Lancashire I406


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Dr. Anthony William MRCS, LSA  Dec 1850Salford, Lancashire I265
2 CLOSE, John  1875–1881Salford, Lancashire I544


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRADFORD / CLOSE  26 Apr 1930Salford, Lancashire F5438
2 CLOSE / HAMPSON  14 May 1877Salford, Lancashire F65
3 CLOSE / PARKINSON  1881Salford, Lancashire F3401
4 CLOSE / SCOTT  1876Salford, Lancashire F136
5 CLOSE / SCOTT  25 May 1883Salford, Lancashire F2982
6 CLOSE / TILLEY  2 Sep 1911Salford, Lancashire F3497
7 CLOSE / WATTS  1889Salford, Lancashire F181
8 RIGBY / CLOSE  1942Salford, Lancashire F6821
9 SHEPPARD / CLOSE  1885Salford, Lancashire F180