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Winston, Co Durham



Latitude: 54.5389724, Longitude: -1.7990528


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARPENTER, Ann  1788Winston, Co Durham I4917
2 CLOSE, Ann  1739Winston, Co Durham I4909
3 CLOSE, Ann  1763Winston, Co Durham I4911
4 CLOSE, Charles  1825Winston, Co Durham I4028
5 CLOSE, Charles  1825Winston, Co Durham I25706
6 CLOSE, Christopher  1786Winston, Co Durham I4884
7 CLOSE, Christopher  1822Winston, Co Durham I4891
8 CLOSE, Dorothy  1706Winston, Co Durham I4906
9 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1704Winston, Co Durham I4905
10 CLOSE, Elizabeth  22 Apr 1807Winston, Co Durham I22663
11 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1819Winston, Co Durham I4888
12 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1832Winston, Co Durham I24374
13 CLOSE, James  1711Winston, Co Durham I4907
14 CLOSE, James  1787Winston, Co Durham I4897
15 CLOSE, Jane  1744Winston, Co Durham I4914
16 CLOSE, Jane  25 Oct 1812Winston, Co Durham I4895
17 CLOSE, Jane Maria  1817Winston, Co Durham I4890
18 CLOSE, John  1762Winston, Co Durham I4898
19 CLOSE, John  1785Winston, Co Durham I22660
20 CLOSE, John  1811Winston, Co Durham I4918
21 CLOSE, Maria Jane  1836Winston, Co Durham I24376
22 CLOSE, Mary  1700Winston, Co Durham I4904
23 CLOSE, Mary  1737Winston, Co Durham I4908
24 CLOSE, Mary  1782Winston, Co Durham I4919
25 CLOSE, Mary  1828Winston, Co Durham I24373
26 CLOSE, Nicholas  1824Winston, Co Durham I4892
27 CLOSE, Stephen  1828Winston, Co Durham I8964
28 CLOSE, William  1701/2Winston, Co Durham I4900
29 CLOSE, William  1735Winston, Co Durham I4899
30 CLOSE, William  1759Winston, Co Durham I4910
31 CLOSE, Rev William  1784Winston, Co Durham I4894
32 CLOSE, William  20 May 1805Winston, Co Durham I22662
33 CLOSE, William  1815Winston, Co Durham I4889
34 CLOSE, William  1830Winston, Co Durham I8967
35 CLOSE, William  1833Winston, Co Durham I24375
36 FAWCETT, William  Abt 1800Winston, Co Durham I12825


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Ann  9 Dec 1739Winston, Co Durham I4909
2 CLOSE, Ann  4 Dec 1763Winston, Co Durham I4911
3 CLOSE, Christopher  12 Dec 1786Winston, Co Durham I4884
4 CLOSE, Christopher  28 Apr 1822Winston, Co Durham I4891
5 CLOSE, Dorothy  28 May 1706Winston, Co Durham I4906
6 CLOSE, Elizabeth  23 Apr 1807Winston, Co Durham I22663
7 CLOSE, Elizabeth  30 May 1819Winston, Co Durham I4888
8 CLOSE, Elizabeth  5 Feb 1832Winston, Co Durham I24374
9 CLOSE, James  11 Nov 1711Winston, Co Durham I4907
10 CLOSE, James  15 Jul 1787Winston, Co Durham I4897
11 CLOSE, Jane  4 Sep 1744Winston, Co Durham I4914
12 CLOSE, Jane  6 Dec 1812Winston, Co Durham I4895
13 CLOSE, Jane Maria  13 Apr 1817Winston, Co Durham I4890
14 CLOSE, John  17 Jan 1762Winston, Co Durham I4898
15 CLOSE, John  13 Feb 1785Winston, Co Durham I22660
16 CLOSE, John  9 May 1811Winston, Co Durham I4918
17 CLOSE, Maria Jane  21 Feb 1836Winston, Co Durham I24376
18 CLOSE, Mary  12 May 1700Winston, Co Durham I4904
19 CLOSE, Mary  10 Jul 1737Winston, Co Durham I4908
20 CLOSE, Mary  19 Jul 1782Winston, Co Durham I4919
21 CLOSE, Mary  10 Jan 1829Winston, Co Durham I24373
22 CLOSE, Nicholas  6 Jun 1824Winston, Co Durham I4892
23 CLOSE, William  6 Jan 1701/2Winston, Co Durham I4900
24 CLOSE, William  27 Apr 1735Winston, Co Durham I4899
25 CLOSE, William  25 Nov 1759Winston, Co Durham I4910
26 CLOSE, Rev William  27 Jun 1784Winston, Co Durham I4894
27 CLOSE, William  30 Jun 1805Winston, Co Durham I22662
28 CLOSE, William  22 Jan 1815Winston, Co Durham I4889
29 CLOSE, William  30 Jul 1833Winston, Co Durham I24375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, William  3 May 1768Winston, Co Durham I4899


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CARPENTER, Ann  1841Winston, Co Durham I4917
2 CARPENTER, Ann  1851Winston, Co Durham I4917
3 CARPENTER, Ann  1851Winston, Co Durham I4917
4 CLOSE, Rev Arthur Wilfred Mills  1911Winston, Co Durham I571
5 CLOSE, Elizabeth  1841Winston, Co Durham I24374
6 CLOSE, James  1841Winston, Co Durham I4897
7 CLOSE, James  1851Winston, Co Durham I4897
8 CLOSE, John  1841Winston, Co Durham I4898
9 CLOSE, Maria Jane  1841Winston, Co Durham I24376
10 CLOSE, Mary  1841Winston, Co Durham I24373
11 CLOSE, Stephen  1841Winston, Co Durham I8964
12 CLOSE, William  1841Winston, Co Durham I24375
13 CLOSE, William  1841Winston, Co Durham I8967
14 CLOSE, William  1851Winston, Co Durham I8967
15 ELLIOTT, Elizabeth  1841Winston, Co Durham I24372
16 WALKER, Fanny Hewitt  1911Winston, Co Durham I5541


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CLOSE / CARPENTER  23 May 1810Winston, Co Durham F1162
2 CLOSE / ELLIOTT  28 Jun 1824Winston, Co Durham F8042
3 CLOSE / FERRER  4 Apr 1700Winston, Co Durham F1158
4 CLOSE / HEIGHLEY  23 May 1734Winston, Co Durham F1157
5 CLOSE / HESLOP  29 Nov 1781Winston, Co Durham F1159
6 CLOSE / HODGSON  19 Feb 1759Winston, Co Durham F1156
7 CLOSE / JACKSON  9 May 1784Winston, Co Durham F1155
8 HARRISON / CLOSE  14 Jul 1770Winston, Co Durham F1160
9 PORTER / CLOSE  2 Jun 1783Winston, Co Durham F1161