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Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire



Latitude: 51.5083611, Longitude: -2.5043722


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Albert George  1874Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18589
2 CLOSE, Albert Stanley  21 Aug 1909Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18591
3 CLOSE, Beatrice Matilda  Jun 1888Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I20139
4 CLOSE, Doris Maud  26 Jun 1919Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I20114
5 CLOSE, Edward  1878Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18587
6 CLOSE, Frederick Thomas William  27 Sep 1907Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12448
7 CLOSE, George  1881Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18602
8 CLOSE, Hannah Minnie  1873Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18588
9 CLOSE, Harold George  13 Mar 1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12449
10 CLOSE, Herbert  1885Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12455
11 CLOSE, Herbert William James  30 Aug 1908Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12457
12 CLOSE, Leonard Stephen  14 Jun 1913Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I20111
13 CLOSE, Mary Ann  1878Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5852
14 CLOSE, Matilda  Mar 1883Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18581
15 CLOSE, Percy  1896Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18582
16 CLOSE, Percy William Maggs  1898Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18592
17 CLOSE, Stafford  8 Dec 1890Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5855
18 CLOSE, Thomas William  28 Nov 1881Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5853
19 CLOSE, William  1876Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18590
20 CLOSE, William  1883Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18603
21 CLOSE, William  1 Oct 1915Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I20112
22 CLOSE, William George E  1894Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12453
23 CORDY, Edith Louisa  13 Nov 1884Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I20116
24 HAYWARD, Edith Maud  1887Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12456
25 MAGGS, Isaac  1876Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12452
26 WHEELER, Elizabeth  1852Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5850


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Albert  1 Oct 1875Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5851
2 CLOSE, Albert George  26 Jun 1874Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18589
3 CLOSE, Albert Stanley  27 Oct 1909Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18591
4 CLOSE, Alec Henry Bowyer  18 Mar 1903Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12418
5 CLOSE, Annie  18 Feb 1876Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18598
6 CLOSE, Beatrice Matilda  9 Sep 1888Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I20139
7 CLOSE, Charles  4 Feb 1881Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18597
8 CLOSE, Doris Irene  18 Mar 1903Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12417
9 CLOSE, Edward  23 Aug 1878Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18587
10 CLOSE, Eliza Ann  28 Aug 1868Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18594
11 CLOSE, Fred  18 Feb 1878Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18599
12 CLOSE, Frederick George  6 Feb 1894Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I8419
13 CLOSE, Frederick Thomas William  17 Jan 1908Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12448
14 CLOSE, George  20 Jul 1877Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I9849
15 CLOSE, George  17 Mar 1882Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18602
16 CLOSE, Hannah Minnie  28 Feb 1873Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18588
17 CLOSE, Harold George  4 May 1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12449
18 CLOSE, Herbert  5 Sep 1879Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18586
19 CLOSE, Herbert  19 Jun 1885Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12455
20 CLOSE, Herbert William James  8 Nov 1908Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12457
21 CLOSE, Hubert James  16 Sep 1900Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12416
22 CLOSE, James  10 Mar 1871Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12408
23 CLOSE, Laura Bessie  12 Feb 1869Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I8441
24 CLOSE, Martha Jane  18 Jan 1878Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18600
25 CLOSE, Mary Ann  10 Mar 1871Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18595
26 CLOSE, Mary Ann  7 Feb 1879Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5852
27 CLOSE, Mary Louisa  7 Jul 1871Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18585
28 CLOSE, Matilda  28 Apr 1883Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18581
29 CLOSE, Norah Mary  17 Oct 1897Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12415
30 CLOSE, Percy  22 Sep 1896Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18582
31 CLOSE, Percy William Maggs  23 Sep 1898Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18592
32 CLOSE, Sarah  24 Oct 1879Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18601
33 CLOSE, Thomas William  26 Feb 1882Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5853
34 CLOSE, William  1 Dec 1876Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18590
35 CLOSE, William  19 Jun 1885Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18603
36 CLOSE, William George E  28 Oct 1894Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12453


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Albert George  Aug 1875Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18589
2 CLOSE, Beatrice Matilda  1889Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I20139
3 CLOSE, Edward  Feb 1879Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18587
4 CLOSE, George  Mar 1889Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18602
5 CLOSE, Hannah Minnie  Dec 1873Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18588
6 CLOSE, James  5 Jun 1945Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12408
7 CLOSE, Laura Bessie  Mar 1919Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I8441
8 CLOSE, Matilda  Jul 1883Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18581
9 CLOSE, Percy  Sep 1896Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18582
10 CLOSE, Percy William  Jan 1952Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I20127
11 CLOSE, Percy William Maggs  Aug 1899Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18592
12 CLOSE, Stafford  Jan 1949Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5855
13 CLOSE, Thomas  Mar 1925Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5849
14 CLOSE, William  Jan 1878Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18590
15 CORDY, Edith Louisa  23 Apr 1971Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I20116
16 HAYWARD, Edith Maud  Oct 1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12456
17 WHEELER, Elizabeth  Mar 1924Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5850


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CLARK, Elizabeth  18 Dec 1892Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I8300
2 CLOSE, Albert George  26 Aug 1875Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18589
3 CLOSE, Albert Stanley  3 Dec 1909Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18591
4 CLOSE, Alec Henry Bowyer  6 Apr 1918Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12418
5 CLOSE, Edward  19 Feb 1879Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18587
6 CLOSE, George  16 Mar 1889Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18602
7 CLOSE, George  13 Nov 1892Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I9849
8 CLOSE, Hannah Minnie  4 Dec 1873Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18588
9 CLOSE, Harold George  5 Oct 1989Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12449
10 CLOSE, Hubert James  29 Jan 1973Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12416
11 CLOSE, Isaac  22 Oct 1881Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I8299
12 CLOSE, James  9 Jun 1945Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12408
13 CLOSE, Laura Bessie  26 Mar 1919Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I8441
14 CLOSE, Mary Ann  13 Feb 1918Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18595
15 CLOSE, Matilda  21 Jul 1883Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18581
16 CLOSE, Percy  3 Oct 1896Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18582
17 CLOSE, Percy William  19 Jan 1952Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I20127
18 CLOSE, Percy William Maggs  22 Aug 1899Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18592
19 CLOSE, Stafford  3 Feb 1949Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5855
20 CLOSE, Thomas  7 Mar 1925Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5849
21 CLOSE, Thomas William  14 Aug 1973Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5853
22 CLOSE, William  19 Jan 1878Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18590
23 CORDY, Edith Louisa  27 Apr 1971Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I20116
24 CORDY, Olive  30 May 1986Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I20110
25 HAYWARD, Edith Maud  7 Oct 1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12456
26 TOVEY, Lucy Kate  23 Dec 1933Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12447


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CLOSE, Frederick George  1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I8419
2 CLOSE, Frederick Thomas William  1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12448
3 CLOSE, George  1881Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I8301
4 CLOSE, Harold George  1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12449
5 CLOSE, Herbert  1881Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18586
6 CLOSE, Herbert  1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12455
7 CLOSE, Herbert William James  1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12457
8 CLOSE, Laura Bessie  1891Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I8441
9 CLOSE, Laura Bessie  1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I8441
10 CLOSE, Mary Ann  1891Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5852
11 CLOSE, Mary Louisa  1881Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18585
12 CLOSE, Stafford  1891Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5855
13 CLOSE, Stafford  1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5855
14 CLOSE, Thomas  1891Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5849
15 CLOSE, Thomas  1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5849
16 CLOSE, Thomas William  1891Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5853
17 CLOSE, Thomas William  1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5853
18 CLOSE, William George E  1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12453
19 HAYWARD, Edith Maud  1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12456
20 HEAVEN, Emma Jane  1881Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I18584
21 MAGGS, Isaac  1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12452
22 TOVEY, Lucy Kate  1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I12447
23 WHEELER, Elizabeth  1891Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5850
24 WHEELER, Elizabeth  1911Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire I5850


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CLOSE / CORDY  26 Dec 1938Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire F6239
2 CLOSE / HEAVEN  24 Jul 1870Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire F5650
3 CLOSE / WHEELER  1875Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire F1387
4 CLOSE / WHEELER  13 Apr 1925Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire F6238
5 CORDY / CLOSE  14 Jan 1901Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire F6236
6 MAGGS / CLOSE  31 May 1924Winterbourne Down, Gloucestershire F6237